Longarm Services

Guidelines for dropping off a quilt.


  • Must be at least 8 inches long and wider than finished quilt top – this allows for 4 inches working width on all sides
  • Must be pressed and pieced
  • Edges must be even


  • Must be pressed and all loose threads removed
  • If pieced outside, stay stitching will help with seams not coming undone

Quilter will accommodate requests as much as possible.  If there are any significant changes, you will be notified before quilting begins. 

Cost of quilting is based on pattern selected, with a minimum of $50.00 quilting fee to be charged.  Rate is on the pattern sheet and begins at .02 cents per square inch of quilting top for basic edge to edge pattern.  If a denser quilting pattern is requested, the rate will change accordingly and will be indicated on page in sample book.  

Thread cost will be:

  • 1512 sq inches or less - $2.00
  • 1513-3472 sq inches - $3.00
  • 3473+ sq inches - $4.00

We do have batting in house that you can purchase for your quilt. 

Our normal turn around time is 2 weeks, but it may vary depending on amount of quilts received.

If you would like to download the form and bring it in pre-filled, you can download it for printing here.