EZM22 5wt  Eleganza Serene Green

EZM22 5wt Eleganza Serene Green

Sue Spargo
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Eleganza Perle cotton collection is designed to meet the specific needs of hand-sewists, embroiderers and embellishers. In collaboration with Wonderfil Specialty Threads, Sue Spargo’s Eleganza is made from 100% Giza 88, the highest caliber extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. Eleganza is double gassed and mercerized to eliminate buildup of lint and snub. This uniform and strong thread is available in a bright, saturated color palette along with a unique line of variegates. Eleganza's collection of variegates contain extra short variegations in order to provide rapid color change on small scale designs - Original collection available in three weights: Size 8 (70 yard spool), Size 5 (40 yard spool), Size 3 (30 yard spool); Original collection available in 90 colors: 36 solids, 54 variegates; Primitive collection available in two weights: Sizes 8 & 5; Primitive collection available in 50 colors: 25 solids, 25 variegates; Keep spools neat and tidy with our brand new THREAD GUARDS. Designed for Razzle, Dazzle and Eleganza spools.